The Younger Brothers EP OUT NOW!!!

When a blast of energy erupted from the soul of mother nature, The Younger Brothers captured it, put it into music, and released it to the people. This is their story.

The Band

Jeff Starkey

Rhythm and Lead Guitar. A true master. Listening to Jeff solo is known to expand the frontal lobes. Master of tone, a true connoisseur of sound, and a sonic wizard. watch out.

Steve Moak

Drummer / Lead Singer
Drummer. Singer. Whaaat? Clean voice, clean fills. Dedicated to Willis' groove - the two make a solid rhythm section.

Willis Farnsworth

Bass Guitar / Vocals
Country-rock veteran and grunge voice master. Lays down a solid groove with enough licks to get you moist to the bone .


Excellent performance. You guys completely shred! Super tight, diverse choice in songs, great crowd & all around badass!
Scott Clayton, Talent Buyer at On-Point Promotions
You can feel the energy and the passion -- that's what matters.
Eric Stilley of North County Lumber Truck
We've seen everyone; The Beatles in 64', The Stones, The guys got it. You're keeping rock and roll alive.
Rich and Diane, Fans
Thank you for being so fun and a talented group of guys. We look forward to booking you again!
Bree McNamara, Iron Fist Brewing

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