Night one of Abbey Road


In November of 2014, my Younger partners and I showed up to Aztec to play their open mic. When we got there there were two girls performing; Lindy with the Cosmic Kicks and Lena Belle of Lena Belle (see what I did there?). Lena played a few Beatles songs which, having grown up as an avid Beatles fan (thanks, dad :D), I instantly fell in love with her music. We talked briefly and decided somewhere along the line that we should cover Abbey Road in its entirety. She, having just moved back from NY, was looking for some fellow musicians to play with and we were looking for an adventure to be had.

Over the next few months we met up a few times and threw together the A side of the record, no problem. I was excited to see it come together (lol) so well and booked two shows back to back about a month and a half out. With live shows, recording, and writing, the shows were approaching and the B Side hadn’t even been put together yet. For the next three Sundays and Thursdays, we threw together Side B, worked on harmonies, and finalized what would be the final product for these two shows. Needless to say, the shows snuck up on us, but we managed to have a polished rendition of rock and roll’s most endearing albums.

Night 1: On the first night at Pierview we played the album twice. After having a band bail on the night, it was either The Younger Brothers play a two-hour set, or we play what we worked so hard and for so long on, twice. We chose the latter and to a crowds applause, cheers, tears, and beers, we took our bows having played a solid first outing of the album. Afterwards, the Younger Brothers played a set which included the following.


  1. Twist and Shout (with Lena Belle)
  2. She Said, She Said
  3. Your Touch
  4. I’m Gonna Make It
  5. Everything is Good, Everything is Right
  6. Summertime Blues
  7. Red Shoes
  8. Diggin’
  9. Sun, Smoke, and Hills
  10. And it Stoned Me
  11. Superstition
  12. Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)

Night 2:


Our second we had Sophia Alone open for us. Lena and I had seen her perform at Papagayo’s and thought she gave a solid and welcoming performance. I contacted her through THE FB a month or so in advance and finally had the pleasure of meeting her at the Peabody’s that day. I’m glad my FB persona translates well to my real life persona, because she was easily able to identify me.

Abbey Road on Night 2 was our 3rd time playing the album in the course of two-days and it went splendidly. Had a lot of fellow musicians and friends turn out. Overall, great first run through of the album.

The Younger Brothers closed the night out with a lengthy 1 1/2 hour set. Diane and Rich, natives of the North County area, said after we let our last note ring out (sorry kids for the f-bomb)

That was fucking awesome.

I talked to them afterwards and they said they’d be at all of our shows throughout North County from then on. They even went as far as to compare us to the 1964 Beatles concert they attended, along with the Stones and the Who, saying our energy was, “Phenominal.”

The Setlist included:

  2. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  3. I Feel the Earth Move
  4. Royals/ Let It Be
  1. Summertime Blues
  2. She Said She Said
  4. Red Shoe’s
  5. I’m Gonna Make It
  6. O’Brother
  8. Stoned Me
  9. The Folk Song
  10. Dont Cry No Tears
  12. 10Am Automatic
  13. C’mon Everybody
  14.  Your Touch
  15. Sun, Smoke, and Hills
  16. Diggin’
  17. The Weight

We’ll catch you at the next show!

Love always,



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