2015-01-28 21.01.20
We meet again 😀

When we first recorded our demo in high school, we recorded with a man named Steve Tanner whom we were familiar with because he ran sound at nearly all the big events for our school. After placing 2nd at Vista’s Battle of the Bands, we hit up Steve and asked if he’d be willing to record us at his studio, Avalon Recording. Four songs later and a demo in our hand, we parted.

Since then, five years have passed and I had bumped into Steve at a bar in downtown Carlsbad after not seeing him for over 4 1/2 years. We quickly caught up and discussed recording a full-length album at his studio.

The vibes felt right when we first set foot in that studio our Senior year of high school. Even driving up the steep driveway brought back memories of our adolescence.

We’re recording 3 singles. All Analog. Pure Rock and Roll. Then recording the remaining songs on our album.

It feels good to be young again.



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