Welcome to Avalon Studios
Welcome to Avalon Studios

Ah, a place we remembered from our early years and a place we were eager to once again call our own. Steve Tanner at Avalon Studios provides a hospitable and down-to-earth vibe which makes recording and creating music fun, exciting, and thrilling, while providing a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

2015-02-15 16.14.03
Inspiration such as The Beatles and AC/DC fill the room
2015-02-15 16.14.34
A Brian May Guitar next to an iconic image of Freddy Mercury
2015-02-15 16.14.21
Gotta love the Black Keys, OH WAIT

Steve Moak and Willis Farnsworth arrived earlier on to setup our equipment, the microphones, and run a quick sound check to make sure everything was dialed in and ready to go. Our main goal for the first day was to make sure we had a solid foundation for the three songs we planned to record; Red Shoes, I’m Gonna Make It, and O’ Brother. The drums, a Vintage Gretsch kit (courtesy of Steve’s farmers market companion) provided a loud, yet balanced, rock and roll tone. Both the drums and Bass Guitar were recorded in the same room. Though some people argue about the problems of bleed through, others argue that the proper amount of bleed through in similar frequency ranges can be a good thing and add more to live and fuller sound. Ultimately we want to create a record that sounds full without compromising on the integrity of the song through a plethora of overdubs and tweaks to the tracks.

2015-02-15 16.02.43
The Board, the Screens, the Monitors, the Music

Fan-favorite, Jeff Starkey, arrived a little later on and quickly went to his trusty red-friend to warm up and further dial in the tone of a Vox AC-15 cranked to 10 in every single retrospect (thanks, Matt!). With everything mic-ed, prepped, and ready to go, the recording would start with one of our older originals, Red Shoes.


2015-02-15 18.03.48
The Infamous Starkey Power-Sitting position for Ample Tone and Sustain

After Red Shoes we recorded our next song, I’m Gonna Make it, before finishing up with O’Brother.

We’ll be heading back into the studio tonight so Jeffrey can lay down the rhythm and lead tracks to all our songs.

Until then,

Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World

Willis 😀


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