Our second day in the studio was when we turned a humble escape from the outside world into Jeff’s playground. Multiple drum set’s thrown around the room, cables everywhere… the perfect escape! Jeff has been honing in his guitar craft for years and was just as excited as all of us to see what he’d come up with for the first three songs.

Red Shoes

Our first song for the night was adding the rhythm tracks to Red Shoes. Jeff double tracked the rhythm track first. He used the Brian May Red Special, a Tech 21 Liverpool pedal for added crunch and sustain, and plugged right into Matt Haynie’s Vox AC15 (with virtually everything cranked). There were a lot of ideas thrown around about the transitional phrase from the 1st chorus back into the 2nd verse. After some ideas began flowing, Jeff said he had an idea and walked into the room. What he did next can only be described as magic. His Skyrim Mage days had finally paid off. With that he did another track slightly harmonized higher up on the neck to provide a full sound to the newly-thought-of transition.

After the rhythm tracks had been laid down, Jeff laid down the funk-guitar section, and doubled the track again. By turning off the Liverpool pedal, and fiddling around with the pickup selectors, Jeff was able to dial in the clean, funk-driven tone that song needed in that section.

Afterwards, Jeff brought out his trusty Eric Johnson Strat of which he has had since the end of our high school years for the solo section. After a few run-through’s of the solo section, we (mainly Jeff’s fingers) decided that maybe it was best we save his fingers before they were toast for the other 2 songs we had lined up that day.

I’m Gonna Make it (I Know)

This song was very straight forward. Willis had some very solid ideas in his head how he had wanted the guitar to sound and Jeff was really able to capture that with both the Vox and Liverpool pedal cranked. Again, double tracked the rhythm and then Jeff went to tackle the lead part. There is still some minor tinkering we have to finish this track, mainly the final solo. We threw around a bunch of different ideas and Jeff tried a bunch of different styles and solos, but again, time was running short and his fingers were running out of juice. With that we decided after two songs that demanded heavy playing, we’d come in at a later date to finish the first two songs and then get to the last song.

O’ Brother (to be…CONTINUED)

2015-02-19 19.33.40
Jeffrey and Steve T. getting the Vox and the Red Special ready
2015-02-19 19.36.09
Jeffrey preparing the final tonal touches
2015-02-19 19.36.16
Moak and Bowie


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