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Steve’s good side, ladies
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“Are you seriously taking a picture of me right now, dude? Make sure you get the shirt clearly though.”

Red Shoes

“I’ve never seen someone down so much whiskey before recording a song in the studio before.” That’s what Steve said right before I went up to sing “I’m Gonna Make it”. But, let’s start with Steve. Red Shoes. Steve did a few practice runs and then laid down a track he and all of us were very happy with. He had ideas to double the vocal on the whole song and thought it would add a cool effect, which it did. But, we still thought the song needed a little more…something. A little something extra. Lena Belle and I were in the control room going over what we thought would make certain parts of the song shine a little more. Add the right umph into the right uhh-huh, gnaw what I’m sayin? Lena was running through some vocal harmonies to add to the funky part of the track. She ran it by Steve and Steve thought we should give it a go. He wrote the lyrics down on a sheet of paper (its currently on Ebay; buy it now $10,000) and Lena went into the booth. Needless to say, that 3rd she added to the funky-jam section made it shine. Just a little harmony hidden among two guitars, drums, bass guitar, and a lead vocal, filled a much needed void that really made the lyrics and melody come together. Once the Steve’s, myself, and Lena approved of the take, we were onto the next three.

After adding harmony to those 4-parts, we still needed to work on the chorus which was screaming GOSPEL CHOIR, or something big and soulful. Lena was able to add her own touch to the chorus with Ooo’s and Aah’s that, again, filled in some of the air in the track and helped Steve’s main vocal to shine.

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Headphones…check. Microphone…check. Gypsy pants…check


I’m Gonna Make It

At some point I really emphasized that Lena was there not only to provide input on harmony’s and vocal parts, but to be DD, as our Sound Engineer went inside to fetch me a bottle of Jack to down (NOT THE WHOLE THING…huehuehue) before the song I was singing. I mean, that’s really rock and roll…right? So after finishing the entire bottle, I was ready to start.

The song to say the least isn’t the friendliest of songs for my voice. With a little liquid courage and rock and roll in my heart, I did a couple takes of the song. Lena suggested towards the end I vary the quieter chorus a little, Steve T. suggested I work on changing the bridge a little bit, and we all brainstormed ideas on how to make the last chorus have more resonance and really have a strong anthem feel to it. Unfortunately, we were all growing a little weak and tired and we postponed the remainder of the backing vocals for that song. Our time will come soon…


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